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University of Washington

Rosetta@home needs your help to determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don't need it you will help us speed up and extend our research in ways we couldn't possibly attempt without your help. You will also be helping our efforts at designing new proteins to fight diseases such as HIV, Malaria, Cancer, and Alzheimer's. Please join us in our efforts! Rosetta@home is not for profit.

We believe that we are getting closer to accurately predicting and designing protein structures and protein complexes, one of the holy grails of computational biology. But in order to prove this, we require an enormous amount of computing resources, an amount greater than the world's largest super computers. This is only achievable through a collective effort from volunteers like you.


Page Icon Comprehensive computational design of ordered peptide macrocycles

Page Icon Evolution of a designed protein assembly encapsulating its own RNA genome

Page Icon Massively parallel de novo protein design for targeted therapeutics

Page Icon The coming of age of de novo protein design


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Project Total Credit Project Compute Speed (GFlops)
86765453445 176428
Project Avg Daily Credit (7 Day) Project Avg Daily Credit (40 Day)
36539800 36352900
W.A.S (Work Availability Score) Z.C.D (Zero Credit Days)
1.01 0
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2020-01-17 19:37:22

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