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Arizona State University

NumberFields@home searches for fields with special properties. The primary application of this research is in the realm of algebraic number theory. Number theorists can mine the data for interesting patterns to help them formulate conjectures about number fields. Ultimately, this research will lead to a deeper understanding of the properties of numbers, the basic building blocks of all mathematics.

NumberFields@home is based at the school of mathematics at Arizona State University. The final results of this project will be complete tables of number fields. The results are given in table form or as a searchable database.


Page Icon Tables of Fields With Prescribed Ramification.

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Project Statistics

Project Total Credit Project Compute Speed (GFlops)
13771561839 150283
Project Avg Daily Credit (7 Day) Project Avg Daily Credit (40 Day)
4459220 3939080
W.A.S (Work Availability Score) Z.C.D (Zero Credit Days)
1.13 1
Last Stats Update
2020-01-17 05:32:13

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