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University of Oxford is a volunteer computing, climate modelling project.

Evidence of how our climate is changing is vital to encourage investment in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as coping with inevitable change.

Our computer models simulate the climate for the next century, producing predictions of temperature, rainfall and the probability of extreme weather events. The more models that are run, the more evidence we gather on climate change.

These projects look at modelling different aspects of the climate system, past and present, ongoing projects include:


Page Icon Biogeophysical Impacts of Land-Use Change on Climate Extremes in Low-Emission Scenarios: Results From HAPPI-Land

Page Icon A large set of potential past, present and future hydro-meteorological time series for the UK

Page Icon Ensemble of European regional climate simulations for the winter of 2013 and 2014 from HadAM3P-RM3P

Page Icon Quantifying the effects of perturbing the physics of an interactive sulfur scheme using an ensemble of GCMs on the platform


Project Statistics

Project Total Credit Project Compute Speed (GFlops)
40974044712 51420
Project Avg Daily Credit (7 Day) Project Avg Daily Credit (40 Day)
7120020 13090300
W.A.S (Work Availability Score) Z.C.D (Zero Credit Days)
0.54 13
Last Stats Update
2020-01-17 18:50:42

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