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Cosmology@Home lets you help search for the model which best describes our Universe and to find the range of models that agree with available cosmological and particle physics data.

The first goal of Cosmology@Home has been to farm out computations that help us understand the beginning, evolution and current state of the cosmos. As part of the Planck space mission C@H has helped find the models that best describe our Universe by enabling the rapid comparison of millions of models to the available astronomical and particle physics data. In order to achieve this goal, C@H participants have explored theoretical models with a larger number of different parameter combinations. As a result, C@H has played a major behind-the-scenes role in the analysis of Planck data - through allowing rapid parameter comparisons at various stages of the data analysis work.

Planck is not over yet, and our computations are still contributing to Planck science. But we have lofty goals beyond Planck. When Marius revamped the software architecture of our work packages he did it with this future in mind. The most recent Planck challenge runs were both an exciting science application and a validation of this approach that vastly simplifies the process involved in launching new science to run on C@H.


Page Icon Planck intermediate results. LI. Features in the cosmic microwave background temperature power spectrum and shifts in cosmological parameters

Page Icon Planck 2015 results. XIII. Cosmological parameters

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