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Independant: Sergei Chernykh

Amicable Numbers is an independent research project that uses Internet-connected computers to find new amicable pairs.

Current goal of the project is to find all amicable pairs with smallest member < 1020. All new findings are published regularly on the Amicable pairs list page.

Though mathematics is not an experimental science, mathematicians often look for examples to test conjectures (which they then hope to prove). As the number of examples increases, so does (in a sense) their understanding of the distribution.

The goal is to collect all amicable numbers up to a very large limit. This data will facilitate theoretical research in the field: 1, 2, 3 to name a few examples. It will also help to improve understanding of the properties of Divisor function.


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Project Statistics

Project Total Credit Project Compute Speed (GFlops)
147695065095 173600
Project Avg Daily Credit (7 Day) Project Avg Daily Credit (40 Day)
161455000 139950000
W.A.S (Work Availability Score) Z.C.D (Zero Credit Days)
1.15 1
Last Stats Update
2020-01-17 20:05:07

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