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Management of listed BOINC projects (Greylisting)

The Greylist enables temporary removal and relisting of BOINC projects from the Gridcoin Whitelist based upon some simple rules.

A project will be automatically Greylisted if ANY ONE of the following requirements are met:

  • Projects Work Availability Score (WAS) is Red
  • Number of Zero Credit Days (ZCD) > 7 in 20

A project will be automatically re-whitelisted without requiring a new vote within the Gridcoin wallet if ALL of the following requirements are met:

  • Project is Greylisted
  • Projects Work Availability Score (WAS) is Green
  • Number of Zero Credit Days (ZCD) ≤ 7 in 20

Whitelisting a new BOINC project

A project is eligible to be whitelisted only if it meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • Projects Work Availability Score (WAS) is Green
  • Number of Zero Credit Days (ZCD) ≤ 7 in 20
  • The purpose of the projects work is as described
  • Allows new user sign-ups
  • All users have an equal chance of receiving work units within any one application / platform with the following exceptions:
    • A project may restrict work to computers generating faulty results
    • A project may restrict / ban users or computers for breach of either BOINC or the projects terms of service

If all of these criteria are met, the following process must be followed.

  1. Discussion thread opened on
  2. Poll is opened within the Gridcoin client in the form:
    • [Whitelist] Should the project "Project Name" be Whitelisted?
    • Answer Options: Yes, No, Abstain
    • Link to Discussion Thread provided
    • 2 Week duration
    • Magnitude & Balance

    No other opinion must be given in the wallet poll to ensure neutrality.

    Poll is successful if "Yes" gains greater than 50% of vote share and vote participation is above a weight of 7.5%

  3. Agree go-live date on the TeamGridcoin Slack # boinc_projects channel with the admins with whitelist admin privileges.
  4. Inform the project of Gridcoins intention to whitelist the project on the agreed date and ask if there is any objection to this.
    • Done via post on forum and PM to admin.
    • Project will not be whitelisted if project administrator raises any objection.
  5. Project is added to whitelist on the agreed date.

Notes & References

Work Availability Score

WAS = Green If (Mean daily credit for 7 Days > (0.1 * Mean daily credit for 40 Days)) Else Red

Project Delisting

Project De-listing process will follow separately after further discussion

TCD (Total Credit Delta)

If TCD is implemented then Work Availability Score (WAS) would still work in terms of whitelisting/greylisting however replacement by a TCD solution should be considered.

Data Sources

All data used for calculations can be scraped from the existing available project XML files.


Currently removal/re-adding will need to be requested on the Gridcoin Slack # boinc_projects channel for an admin with whitelisting permissions to manually process.

Change Log

v1.0: 20th Jan 2018

  • Final Release for public vote.
  • Split off de-listing for further discussion
  • Removed polls needing both greater than 50% Vote weight and 50% number of votes due to abuse concerns
  • Added requirement for vote participation of 7.5%
  • Added Project Administrator opt-out added

v0.5: 17th Jan 2018

  • Capitalised BOINC
  • Removed need for explanation from project administrator for Greylist -> Whitelist
  • Increased time-limit for Greylist -> Unlist to 60 Days
  • Added polls needing both greater than 50% Vote weight and 50% number of votes

v0.4: 4th Jan 2018

  • Renamed "Parejan Score" to "Work Availability Score" to be more descriptive
  • Added "Zero Credit Days" requirement
  • Moved calcs to reference section
  • Removed Computing Power calcs as they would be unreliable and hard to implement
  • Implementation Actions added

v0.3: 19th Dec 2017

  • Moved from Steemit to Github
  • Changed versioning to 0.x to denote drafts
  • Changed "Demand" calculation to hopefully be more accurate
  • Added notes regarding TCD and data sources
  • General formatting and wording changes to clear up ambiguity

v0.2: 16th Dec 2017

  • Requirements changed to use "Parejan" score
    • Score = Red If (Mean Daily credit of last 7 Days ≤ (0.1 * Mean daily credit of last 40 Days))
    • Score = Green If (Mean Daily credit of last 7 Days > (0.1 * Mean daily credit of last 40 Days))
  • Added "Demand" calculation utilising Boinstats data.
  • Expected Project RAC Increase (%) = ("Gridcoin Combined RAC"/"Overall Combined RAC)*100
    • Example at time of writing: (724,799,691/4,011,866,296)*100 = 18%
  • Removed requirement for Project Administrator to directly comment regarding whitelisting
  • Reworded whitelisting process step 4
  • Reworded re-whitelisting requirement point 3

v0.1: 13th Dec 2017

  • Initial Draft