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BOINC Client 7.12.0 (and 7.12.1 Hotfix) Released

16th July 2018

The latest version of the official Boinc Client has been released, the recommended version is now 7.12.1

The change log for this release is:

World Community Grid Whitelisted

13th July 2018

Great News Everyone

The World Community Grid project has re-allowed statistics exports for those users who agree that their stats may be made public, this means that we once again have statistics for the Gridcoin Superblock and the project is now being re-added to the Gridcoin Whitelist

One note that all users should make however, is that only users that have selected to allow their stats to be exported will be able to be rewarded with Gridcoin. So don't forget to enable this in your World Community Grid project options.

Project Updates

11th July 2018

I’ve been a little lax doing any updates the last couple of weeks so thought I would give a rundown of where things stand with several projects:


This project remains unlisted however it still remains a potential listing candidate as it meets the agreed requirements. However the project is not running over HTTPS and I have not had a response from the project regarding implementing TLS.


Asteroids has been having some server storage issues recently which has led to 7 days of outages over the last couple of weeks. The project remains Whitelisted (just) and hopefully now the problems have been sorted they will recover to a safer position on the whitelist.

Asteroids@Home News

In other news for the Asteroids project, a new research paper has been accepted for publication in “Astronomy and Astrophysics” with the work completed through BOINC and Gridcoin

Asteroid models reconstructed from the Lowell Photometric Database and WISE data

Climate Prediction (CPDN)

The Climate Prediction project at Oxford University has been having a torrid time of it recently with the complete collapse of the university virtual server infrastructure running the BOINC project. After months of work the projects servers are coming back online and it even looks like we may now get daily statistics exports meaning that the project would become eligible for the Gridcoin listings

We will be keeping a close eye on the project and eagerly await it’s eligibility for Gridcoin.


Although this project remains Greylisted there has been no activity now for several months now and the project administrators appear to have gone AWOL. Unless something happens and the project once again starts producing a stable supply of work then the project will remain Greylisted indefinitely.


The Einstein project was Greylisted due to user stats becoming unavailable due to changes brought about with GDPR compliance work. Whilst Einstein has now granted access to the statistics for Gridcoin, this requires a centralised method of statistics gathering which is incompatible with the current decentralised Gridcoin Superblock creation process. As such a new centralised data “scraper” is currently being worked on by the Gridcoin developers.


Rakesearch is another unlisted BOINC project which is a candidate for Gridcoin Listing as it continues to meet the Gridcoin listing requirements. One issue identified is that the sites HTTPS certificate as a domain name issue and requires the projects domain adding to the certificate. This effectively means the project is not currently using HTTPS however I have received a positive response that the project will fix this.

World Community Grid (WCG)

The World Community Grid project was forced onto Greylist in May due to their implementation of GDPR compliance cutting off access to all user statistics. Despite vocal complaints from all sections of their volunteer base, not just Gridcoin, the project have still not provided a method to allow access to the user statistics. The latest update from the project suggests that they are still being bogged down by IBM’s lawyers and only slow progress is being made.

A note on the listings

11th July 2018

This is just a note on the listings page as there has been some comments/questions raised:

There are two listing columns on the listings page, the first called “calculated listings” shows the list as it should be today taking into account the agreed process. This column uses data on whether a vote has been passed, how many Zero Credit Days (ZCD) a project has and what the projects Work Availability Score (WAS) is, the only possible results from this calculation are “Whitelisted”, “Greylisted” or “Unlisted”.

The second column called “recommended listings” is there to give an idea of which projects would be theoretically eligible for Whitelisting, or are Whitelist candidates if you prefer. It does not take into account whether a project has been voted on but does set a minimum compute requirement for each project to avoid the “Sourcefinder” affect where the Gridcoin demand for work overwhelms the projects ability to keep up. In effect this shows which projects would be whitelisted if we were to list every project by default, this results in only two possible results from the calculation which are “Whitelisted” and “Greylisted”. If a project is Whitelisted on this column then it is a good candidate to be considered for a vote. If it is Greylisted on this column it is not a good candidate for a vote.

These lables could possibly be renamed to something along the lines of “Suitable Project” and “Unsuitable Project” to help avoid confusion in future.

Whilst the data collection and processing is automated, it is still centralised (but open source) and requires a manual intervention by a Gridcoin Admin to implement any list changes onto the Blockchain. You may also note that a couple of projects are listed with “Override”, these are the only listings where we are manually overriding the automatic process, mainly due to some projects not providing the correct aggregate statistics. In these cases however it is clear cut whether a project would meet the listing requirements (SETI would, WEP would not).

Thank You and I hope this clears up any misunderstandings on what the listings are doing and saying.

GDPR statistics fixes coming soon?

21st June 2018

Good News it seems!! Hopefully.

Gridcoin Project co-ordinator, Neuralminer, has given an update on progress towards Einstein@Home on the projects forums. It appears that Gridcoin has been given access to the project statistics, however "A change is required (on the Gridcoin side) to how Gridcoin pulls/parses stats in order to be compatible with the new process. The change is currently in the final stages of testing."

The full post can be found here

The latest update from the World Community Grid is that they are still in discussion with IBM's legal department but in their own words "this isn't a matter of if the stats will be available again, but when."

This post can can be found on their forums here

Einstein Greylisted (again) due to GDPR

17th June 2018

After the recent premature removal of statisticss access and subsequent Gridcoin Greylisting of the Einstein@Home project, the project was temporarily restored to the Whitelist for as long as the stats remained available.

Unfortunately now the statistics access has been removed properly, we must once again Greylist the project for Gridcoin rewards.

The Gridcoin Project co-ordinator, Neuralminer, is currently talking to Einstein@Home with regards allowing Gridcoin to access the project statistics, so far the talks remain positive and we are hopeful that the project can be re-whitelisted soon.

GDPR Problems Update

8th June 2018

Edit 11th June 2018: It appears Einstein have jumped the gun in removing access to the stats so have temporarily restored things to how they were. This means that Einstein will remain Whitelisted until the stats are permanently removed at some time in the near future.

Following on from the news that the World Community Grid (WCG) project closed access to all user statistics due to their implementation of GDPR, it is unfortunate that the Einstein@Home project has followed suit and also closed access to all user statistics.

Gridcoin representatives are in contact with both Projects to regain access to the statistics, the latest information available is:

WCG have so far not provided a process with which any third parties including Gridcoin can access the statistics. Therefore we must still wait.

Einstein@Home have worked with some popular BOINC statistics sites to continue access to the statistics so it is with great hope that Gridcoin will also be allowed access.

Gridcoin Client 3.7.13 Released

2nd June 2018

Today the Gridcoin community releases version 3.7.13 of the official client (wallet), this is a small leisure upgarde of the Gridcoin client to fix an issue with voting in polls introduced in 3.7.12. This is not a mandatory update but is still recommended. For completeness the change log for this release is:


When the builds are complete you can get your hands on this latest release here:

World Community Grid and GDPR

26th May 2018

It is with great regret that Gridcoin is forced to Greylist the World Community Grid (WCG) project due to their implementation of the GDPR regulations that came into force yesterday (25th May).

It is now not possible for a users project statistics to be downloaded as part of the SuperBlock creation process, if a projects statistics cannot be included in the SuperBlock then the project work cannot be rewarded. The reason for this is that all user statistics for the WCG are now hidden unless an organisation has a token authorised by the project.

Currently there does not seem to be a process to gain access to this data, however Gridcoin has reached out to the WCG project in order to find a way forward for us to continue using the project statistics. Unfortunately until we are able to access these statistics the project must remain Greylisted.

Gridcoin Client 3.7.12 Released

25th May 2018

Today the Gridcoin community releases version 3.7.12 of the official client (wallet), this is a leisure upgarde of the Gridcoin client so it is not mandatory to upgrade but is still recommended. The change log for this release is:

Fixed Added Changed Removed

You can get your hands on this latest release here:

FightAIDS@Home – Prepares for A New Phase

24th May 2018

The FightAIDS@Home project is a project hosted as part of the World Community Grid BOINC project with which you can earn Gridcoin for providing your computers time to help researchers prioritise candidate compounds using advanced computational methods

The Project has been a member of the World Community Grid and BOINC platorms for 10 years and is a reliable project to crunch for Gridcoin. Phase 1 of the project identified thousands of promising candidates which were planned to be confirmed experimentally in the lab. However, because of the cost and time required for laboratory analysis of all the potential candidates, and the advances in computational analysis methods Phase 2 of the project is being launched. This Phase of the project will help researchers to prioritize the candidate compounds found in Phase 1.

BOINC Client 7.10.2 Released

23rd May 2018

The latest version of the official Boinc Client has been released, the recommended version is now 7.10.2

The change log for this release is:

ICRAR shuts down Sourcefinder alongside Skynet:POGS

10th May 2018

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) have announced that they will be closing down the Sourcefinder BOINC project alongside the previously announceed Skynet:POGS project shutdown. It appears that the ICRAR organisation has made a strategic decision to move away from Distributed Computing and will in future rely on conventional Supercomputers for data processing.

Whilst this decision is disappointing, it will not immediately affect Gridcoin as the Sourcefinder project had already been removed from the Project Whitelist due to a lack of available work. Hopefully ICRAR will re-assess the benefits of distributed computing through the BOINC and Gridcoin communities, should their strategy change in future we will stand ready to keep on crunching for the good of science.

Goodbye Skynet:POGS

8th May 2018

The Skynet:POGS project has now been removed from the Whitelist after the announcement last week that the project was complete.

TN-Grid Re-Whitelisted

4th May 2018

TN-Grid has now re-started production of workunits so their Work Availability Score (WAS) has risen above 0.1 (10%), this combined with them getting things fixed before their Zero Credit Days (ZCD) exceeded 7 Days means that they are now re-eligible to enter the whitelist.

Listing Backend changes

3rd May 2018

I have now implemented a fix regarding yesterdays note about a minor problem with how and when the Calculated Listings were updated. From now on the project calculated listing status will only be updated once per day

All being well, the update schedule will now be as follows (Times are UTC)

Project Complete!! and other updates

2nd May 2018

The Project Administrator over at the POGS:Skynet project has announced that the project has now been completed. All of the Galaxy Data that needed to be processed has now been worked through thanks to all the BOINC and Gridcoin volunteers. The next stage of the project will be to train an auto-encoder neural network to classify the processed Galaxies by their features.

As far as the Gridcoin Whitelist is concerned the project will remain on the Whitelist for the next few days as the remaining Work Units that are in progress are processed.

The Citizen Science Grid project has fixed the problem that they have been experiencing with their database. As such, as long as the next project statistic update completes correctly the project will be saved from the Greylist.

In other news, I have found a minor problem in how the statistics database processes and presents the Calculated Listing status. The problem can cause the Whitelist status of project to display incorrectly when it is on the cusp of the Greylist. The fix I have in mind is to only update the listing status of each project once at the end of each day when we are sure a projects stats have updated for the day if they are going to update for the day.

New Project Pages

1st May 2018

I've added two more project pages to the site, and Collatz Conjecture. Hopefully their rss news feeds should synchronise soon

Greylist Updates

30th April 2018

TnGrid has moved to the project Greylist due to lack of available work after a storage issue on the universities servers. The project is working to fix the hardware fault and hopefully should be back soon

Remember that a project needs to have less than 7 days of Zero Credit (Z.C.D) in the last 20 days to be whitelisted, this will mean TNGrid which is balancing around th 7-8 Day mark currently will remain Greylisted until these last few days have fallen outside the 20 Day window that we check.

In other news the Citizen Science Grid Project have seemingly been having database problems the last few days meaning that the projects stats have not been updating properly, if you are crunching this project please be aware that it will be at risk of being Greylisted in the next few days.

Headline Test

29th April 2018

This is a test for the upcoming news feature.

General website news, Project news and My own comments will be being posted here.